My fave tools for energetic hygiene

So what is energetic hygiene?

Simply put, this is a practice to support your energetic body. Whether you're privy to this lingo/lifestyle or not, you're still experiencing energetic fluctuations.

And whether you choose to support this aspect is totally up to you! In my experience, the better you can support your energy body, the better everything else flows :)

So lets dive in to my top 5 fave tools I use for energetic hygiene:


Sounds super simple, and that's because it is. But don't be fooled, this is one of the MOST powerful energetic hygiene tools you can adapt. The key to making this more than just your normal cleansing process boils down to *intention*.

Set the intention once you get into the shower/bath (you can say it out loud or simply in your mind by feeling the words) of the water cleansing your mind, body, spirit and aura of any and all energies that you may have picked up throughout the day. I then envision this energy going down the drain (in my mind) and washing off of me. 

As always, I finish the process by sending thanks and gratitude and asking for my vibe to be raised to the highest frequency of LOVE.

  • ENERGY CLEANSE YOGA NIDRA by Mikaela Maclean

This is my nightly ritual to further cleanse my aura, body & chakras from any energy I may have picked up throughout the day. The best part? I press play and fall asleep. No fuss. All benefit!

Read all about the details here &/or listen to the podcast version here.

Grab the Energy Cleanse // Beauty Sleep Yoga Nidra $22 here.


We have become a society of "suppressors". From childhood we are told:

"don't cry"

you're okay"

"dust your knees off and keep going"

+ so much more.

And while this definitely develops mental toughness to some degree---it also teaches us not to feel our emotions and communicates that we need to suppress our feelings in order to survive. 

Fast forward to teen years and beyond and you'll quickly realize that you have no idea how to cope with difficult emotions and you might have even turned into a people pleaser.

Insert Emotion Code & Body Code.

Emotion Code is going to walk you through releasing stored emotions in your body/mind/spirit that you may have suppressed, but are very much still alive and omitting a frequency in your body and behaviors. 

Body Code is going to explore the entire root cause to imbalances in your mind/body/spirit that usually start from an emotional frequency that has been suppressed long enough that it spreads to other areas of your being.

Since I am a certified practitioner in both of these modalities, I do these sessions on myself frequently. Should you need support, you can book a session with me for in-person or virtually to accommodate you wherever you reside!

You can grab a spot + consult here.

  • ALCHEMY SESSIONS with Emilee Fernandes from Jem Academy

Every so often I get stuck, and no matter what I do, I can't get through. This tends to happen because we as humans, can get in our own way. So when this arises, I book an alchemy session with Emilee! I always feel INCREDIBLE after her sessions and they get me back on track.

Learn more and book your session here.


Last but certainly not least, or surprising, I LOVE utilizing the subtle energies of crystals and other tools to "biohack" my energy on the go. 

Usually in the morning I'll intuitively grab a stone to carry with me throughout the day, wear my moonstone necklace, and spritz myself with the color spray I feel most connected to that day.

In my purse you'll find a handful of stones + my trusty Selenite Spray to refresh my energy throughout the day!


---> There's SO much more to share on this topic of energetic hygiene, so stay tuned for other segments :)



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