After years of development within the realms of energy, I have put together a well rounded approach to all of your energetic needs. Whether you're just getting started on your healing journey, or you're seeking continued support along the way, SKIN/CRAFT has the tools to help you!

With certifications in: Crystal Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code & Reiki master I have created a foundation for applying my own fusion of crystal healing + quantum healing + sound therapies and various intuitive gifts. I strive to support your unique energy each time you come in. No two sessions will look the same.

*bodycode sessions will only be held virtually*

All other sessions have the option to be booked in-person OR virtually when securing your spot.

All new energy clients are required to book an energy consult with or before their first appointment. This allows us to get to know each-other, discuss your experience with energy, what topics to explore, and educate you on the language of the session.

This is also a great starting point if you're unsure which modality to book. After discussion, I can guide you towards the best protocol for your topics of exploration.


Body Code is a revolutionary energy balancing tool that explores the ROOT causes of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. This is a great starting point if you are experiencing chronic issues and haven't had success in healing these areas.

It's also a great tool to look at the contributing factors to mental and emotional blocks that are creating resistance in your current reality.

Each session will include *Emotion Code* should be it aligned for your needs, before we jump into Body Code.


An energetic session through the access point of reiki allows for a completely expansive and thorough energetic tune up. Utilizing my own unique intuitive gifts + crystals and reiki energy, I can release non-beneficial energy and bring forward supportive energy for your mind, body & spirit. No two sessions will ever be the same.