"When I think of the word RITUAL...

my mind takes me to a place of mystery and allure. This is why I love adding unique tools to my regimen and practice. It elevates the sensory experience and shifts the mood entirely. Without them, it wouldn't be as magical."


Founder & Energetic Esthetician



Tigers eye mushroom set

Crystals and Gemstones have always been a go-to talisman for me, so naturally they became an integral part of SKIN/CRAFT and the treatments I offer.

While working with crystals, I've found there's something really magical about intently placing them on a client or using a crystal tool, that instantly allows them to feel swept away and special. That's why I knew I had to create the GEMSTONED collections for spa and home use. I truly hope you enjoy the magic and whimsical aspect of each of these tools, and that they inspire you to create sacred rituals for yourself and your clients!


At SKIN/CRAFT our mission is to provide luxury, holistic and result driven treatments, all while tending to the inner workings of your body and energetic field. We have meticulously chosen our brand partners to ensure the best and most ethical experience possible.

Our brand partners include:

LILFOX, Botnia, KNESKO, Larkly, TiZO & Miami Beach Bum.

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