Interview by MysticMag

When MysticMag reached out to me for an interview about SKIN/CRAFT I was elated! Their online publication is one that offers insightful articles on metaphysical services, holistic health and wellness, and spiritual guidance--which made SKIN/CRAFT a perfect fit.
In the interview, we discuss what makes SKIN/CRAFT unique in a sea of providers, my all inclusive menu style & a breakdown of some of my specialty modalities.
"MysticMag chats with Alex Sands, the Founder of SKIN/CRAFT, who discovered her calling as an energetic facialist in the fall of 2019, and embarked on a journey that led to the creation of her unique brand. Initially, her dream career had no plans for business ownership or the services she now offers. It was only when life pushed her out of her comfort zone that she realized her true calling. Through SKIN/CRAFT, Alex combines energy healing modalities like gemstones, sound therapy, yoga nidras, therapeutic touch, and more with ethical, luxurious products and treatments to offer exquisite skin rituals. Her vision for SKIN/CRAFT is to provide an unparalleled experience, driven by a fusion of energy, luxury, and skincare expertise."
Click here to read the full interview :)
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