SKIN/CRAFT has two base options for our facial offerings (skin rituals):


Tiered Rituals are the ultimate customized experience from beginning to end. These rituals are for the client who prefers to arrive to their appointment and say "do whatever I need!"

These will include full customization with access to all the machines, modalities and luxury skincare that SKIN/CRAFT has to offer. Each Tier will reflect what is to be expected from your experience, based on timeframe and amount of modalities used. 1 price, locked in, so you know what to expect before you start to relax.

Signature Rituals are for the client who wants a specific experience when they come in. These will also include customized luxury skincare.

Tier 1 | 90 minutes, 2 luxury enhancements included

Tier 2 | 2 hours 15 minutes, 3 luxury enhancements includes

Tier 3 | 2 hours 30 minutes, 4 luxury enhancements included + energy work (with consent)


Key features: anti-aging, brightening, lifting, firming, hydrating, pore-reducing, acne-clearing.

If minimal-zero downtime, zero-discomfort & instant results are what you're looking for, this skin ritual is for you! The key players of this incredible ritual are: Lyma Laser cold laser therapy which drastically regenerates and heals the skin on a cellular level + BioRePeel--an innovative, biphasic, patented formulation with an antioxidant, revitalizing and peeling action that rebuilds the skin on a cellular level minimizing topical trauma. The result is an *instant* makeover in less than 24 hours. Accompanied by KNESKO hydrogel mask, oxygen dome & oxygen infusion for the ultimate glow up.


Key features: anti-aging, brightening, lifting, firming, hydrating.

The LYMA Laser (100x more powerful than LED) works on both levels of the skin aging process, intrinsically & extrinsically. The Lyma Laser skin ritual is accompanied by microdermabrasion or dermaplane, celluma LED chest + hand treatment & microcurrent.


Key features: relaxation, anti-aging, energy.

Lifting your skin to higher dimensions, this ritual includes: warm cryotherapy massage, sculpting facial massage, gua sha fascia release, radio frequency therapy, scalp massage/manipulation/reflexology, custom crystal grid for releasing stagnation in the skin, microcurrent, frozen essence massage, cold cryotherapy & a guided meditation by Mikaela Maclean for deep inner beauty reprograming.


Key features: energy, crystals, relaxation.

Allow crystalline energies & reiki healing to wash over you throughout your entire treatment to balance you energy, remove blockages, clear your aura and align your chakras. Also included are a reiki and gemstone infused KNESKO face mask.


Key features: crystals, gua sha, relaxation, energy.

Unwind and relax with the benefits of crystalline energy. Your skin and body will be elevated and you will leave feeling more at peace. This ritual includes gua sha sculpting, crystal chest grid, crystal face mask & crystal chakra alignment.


Key features: anti-aging, detoxifying, brightening, anti-inflammatory.

Fit for a queen, this ritual includes pure 24k gold sheet mask, gold ampoule, KNESKO skin’s 24k gold face and chest mask, oxygen dome therapy and infusion.


Key features: anti-aging, brightening, firming.

Microchanneling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that drastically helps minimize the signs of aging, improve acne scars appearance, and rejuvenate imperfections on the skin. Microchanneling combined with powerful growth factor serums creates a new paradigm for advanced scientific skincare and rejuvenation. This treatment is available as a standalone service or included in a full facial.