What to expect during an energy session at SKIN/CRAFT

At SKIN/CRAFT you can take advantage of 3 different energy sessions that offer support in so many realms!

With each sessions we can explore imbalances that are showing up in your life around:

  1. mental stress
  2. health
  3. relationships
  4. chronic issues
  5. phobias
  6. addictions
  7. money

+ so much more!

Let's explore each type of session and what you can expect to experience during them! :)

**Note: all energy sessions are now VIRTUAL and will not require an in-person appointment


All energy clients are required to book an energy consultation before we proceed with any energy sessions. During the consultation we'll cover your history with energy, explore pain points and intentions, as well as opening the floor for any questions you may have about your session (or other energy offerings) before we dive in.

Lastly, I'll go over how the session will work, what you may experience physically/mentally/emotionally & make sure you're comfortable and at ease!


**UPDATE: Emotion Code Sessions are now integrated into a Body Code Session, as the first step before exploring imbalances.

During an emotion code session our focus will be to explore "trapped" or "stored" emotions in the body. During the session, we will openly identify and discuss the emotion by identifying it, uncovering any additional information about it (like whether or not it's yours or someone else's), and then release it from your body.

All of this is done by making an energetic connection to your subconscious mind (your internal library) and allowing it to guide us through the session utilizing process of elimination via muscle testing. To release the emotion, I will use my hand to swipe down the governing meridian (an energetic highway in your body located on your head & back) a handful of times.

Most clients can release anywhere from 3-7 emotions a session.

And yes--every single person, even animals, have trapped emotions. Which is worth noting, all energy sessions I offer can be done on any pets you have that need support! Animals LOVE energy work and respond really well to it. However, these sessions are always done virtually due to the inability to have animals in my spa.

A session usually lasts 20-30 minutes.


A body code session is going to look similar to an emotion code session, and is performed using the same techniques listed above, however, it differs in what we will explore. We will look at 6 categories of imbalances that allow us to get to the ROOT cause of any suffering you may be experiencing mentally/emotionally/physically/spiritually. The 6 categories we will explore in great detail and support energetically are:
  1. Energy
  2. Circuit or System
  3. Toxin
  4. Pathogen
  5. Misalignment
  6. Nutrition or Lifestyle

A session usually lasts 45-60 minutes.


    A crystal reiki session at SKIN/CRAFT is a completely intuitive session. Meaning, no two sessions will be experienced the same. However, you can always expect these things during your session:

    1. All sessions are performed with the client laying comfortably on the facial bed (if you're attending from afar, we will discuss suggestions for your treatment)
    2. Aromatherapy will be used for extra relaxation purposes and/or supporting the movement of energy.
    3. A chilled crystal eye mask or heated eye pillow will be offered for you to wear during the session for added privacy and relaxation. This is optional :)
    4. A healing frequency will be playing to support your energetic needs.
    5. During the session, my hands may be placed gently around your body to support the movement of energy. Common placements are at the head, shoulders, feet, hands & knees.
    6. Crystals will be intuitively selected and placed on and around your body during the session.
    7. Various sound therapy techniques and palo santo cleanse are always included.

    As far as what you may feel during a session, this is something that is different for each person. However, I always tells clients, you can expect to feel light and airy (maybe a little sleepy) post session. Euphoria is normal ;)

    A session usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

    To learn more and book your energy rituals click here!

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