Welcome to the SKIN/CRAFT blog!

This is the place where you'll find insider details on products, services, pro-tips, crystals, when to switch up your regimen and ANYTHING else I feel inspired to chat about :)

So first up, let me introduce myself: I'm Alex, you're energetic facialist!

I opened SKIN/CRAFT a little over 3 years ago after I was unable to find a job that I felt I would be proud to put my name behind. Everything consisted of heavy medical treatments, super holistic, or just plain "vanilla" middle of the road.

I knew there was a space for something more. So I created SKIN/CRAFT. 

After 3 years in business I can say with confidence that I have built a beautiful fusion of:

  • the luxurious aspect clients want to feel
  • result driven treatments with little to no downtime
  • energetic support to help with the waves of life
  • ethical holistic treatments to ensure clients can receive services that treat their whole body, in all phases of life.

So let's get you glowing! Reserve your ritual here.

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