One crystal everyone should have

I bet you thought I was gonna say clear quartz, however that's for another blog post wherein I'll share why I wouldn't suggest starting with clear quartz.

So let's get to today's post, which is all about one of my faves and top must haves, HEMATITE :)

Whether you're new to crystals, you're an expert, you collect them, you use them in treatments, ect...this is IMO (in my opinion) the o-n-e stone you need before you use any other stone.

Here's why:

Hematite has an incredible grounding energy due to it's mineral composition of 70% iron and 30% oxygen.

The reason a grounding crystal such as hematite is essential, is because we are operating in a hustle & bustle culture. At any given moment we're thinking a million thoughts, projecting into the future or reflecting on the past, very seldom landing us in the present moment.

Which means, in order to receive the healing benefits of modalities such as crystals or reiki, you have to be grounded!

Think of it like this:

Imagine starting an important conversation with a group of people. Let's say the conversation was around your health and wellbeing. When all of a sudden, you notice you're in a hot air balloon and start drifting away into the sky. Yet the group of people are still on the ground maintaining the conversation, making you unable to hear any of it. AKA, not able to take any of the information and apply it for your benefit.

The same concept applies to utilizing and receiving energetic modalities. You have to be grounded in order to receive their frequencies. Insert hematite.

My favorite way to use hematite is placed in between the feet. This allows mine and/or my clients energy to anchor in and ground before any treatment/session begins.

Hematite can be found rough or polished. I find that rough stones carry a more pure frequency than polished, due to their raw, untouched earth element. However, beware when buying polished hematite. China produces a polished version of "hematite" which is a composition of barium, strontium & ceramic. If you have polished hematite, look for marks or "imperfections". This likely indicates that it is genuine.


  1. as a grounding stone in healing applications
  2. meditate with this stone to transmit a new intention through your body
  3. place hematite under your feet (when laying down) to release anxiety or assist circulation.
  4. carry hematite to feel strong or to protect you from psychic attack.
  5. place other stones around hematite to recharge them

PRO-TIP: any crystals ending in "-ite" are not water safe. So make sure to cleanse & charge this crystal using modalities other than water, and avoid using in your bathing rituals.

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