2 of my *fave* crystal tools

If you've been following SKIN/CRAFT for a while, you know that I use to carry & sell crystal tools. It was something I was excited to offer and the response was overwhelming! So as you can imagine, people were shocked when I decided to let this part of my business go. BUT, that doesn't mean I'm not still in love with a good crystal tool!

SO....I want to share 2 of my favorite crystal tools as of late, where you can purchase them + a discount code for each shop!

Shift into the light heartedness of OPALITE. These beautiful gemstone masks are handmade from man made sustainable opalite crystal. The cool blue, purple, pink aura of this stone will bring ease and calm to any busy mind. Opalite instills a sense of peace, optimism, and wonder. Known to put heavy hearts at ease. Ideal for all, especially those who experience depression, anxiety, insomnia, or restless nights.

How to use: Set the mood; turn on frequency 417HZ on Spotify and apply your favorite eye treatment around your eye area. Then gently lay this cooling gemstone mask across your third eye, and eyes allowing any heaviness to melt away. Slip into a gentle state of relaxation & meditation.

Each tool comes with its own luxury hand crafted pouch designed by Frankie & Coco PDX, a small women owned business in Portland Oregon.

USE CODE: SKINCRAFT for 15% off all Magnolia + Ash skin tools! Valid thru 8/1/2023




Our 3-in-1 tool is here to take care of all your self care needs right in the comfort of your own home. Cut from genuine agate stone and designed to be used in 3 ways: reflexology, gua sha and manual massage.

Healing from the inside out is easy, curated for the busy individual who still wants to relax & take care of themselves at once.

Reflexology: stimulate points in the face that are connected to organs of the body to help release blocks & reset normal function

Gua sha: a form of lymphatic drainage that increases the flow and removal of toxins from the body

Manual massage: release tension in the face contributing to discomfort and wrinkles

Free demonstrations and more information on how to use your tool on our Instagram @refreshbeauty.bar

USE CODE: SKINCRAFT for 10% off your agate stone purchase! 

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