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The energy of Rainbow Fluorite, with a magical boost: reiki energy!

Key Properties: 

  • Balancing
  • Cleansing
  • Supports Focus
  • Reveals Truths


  • All chakras

Fluorite is an amazing ally for calming everyday stress and anxiety, bringing up unrealized feelings to be balanced and resolved. It's detoxification and reorganization abilities are also wonderfully healing when dealing with larger issues, such as tumors and cancer. This stone supports us in clearing unhealthy patterns and outside influences, revealing truths as it opens us to our intuitive self and universal energy field.

Rainbow fluorite, the stone used in your mask, is the greatest cure all in the entire fluorite family. It clears physical tension and psychic debris from your field. It opens and cleanses all the subtle bodies, chakras and shifts the physical body back to its original structure, allowing us to come into a peaceful and balanced state giving you all the "feel good" vibes.

 Fluorite has been used in lenses for cameras, microscopes and telescopes. Due to this aspect, it is an excellent stone to clear the fog in your life and enhance your perception physically and psychically.


  1. Use on clean skin or over your favorite facial oil or treatment mask.
  2. Gently lay over your eyes ensuring a comfortable fit and connection with the skin.
  3. Leave on for your desired treatment time. 
  4. Can be used warm or cold.

Each Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Eye Mask comes with a padded box.


*information obtained from Connecting with Crystals*